Wednesday, February 12, 2014

TrainerRoad Overview

In a nutshell, TrainerRoad is a software program that links up to a few gadgets on your bike that can give you virtual power indoors when you don't have a power meter.   If you already have a power meter that is Ant+ compatible, it will read directly from it.  

A power meter is something that measures the amount of work you are doing while riding your bike.  If you need it explained in a lot more detail, read this -> Everything you ever wanted to know about Power Meters

The TrainerRoad website does a great job of explaining how everything works in these two links:

1 - How TrainerRoad Works

2 - Getting Started with TrainerRoad

I'm not going to get into a huge review of the system, as it has already been done by some of the best out there:

DC Rainmaker's Inside Look at TrainerRoad (a little older, but still good)

TriRig's Review of TrainerRoad

Both of these guys do an awesome job of covering the features that TrainerRoad has to offer with cool pictures and everything.   I can't add much more on top of that.   The ability to use TrainerRoad while watching television, a movie, Netflix or many other types of indoor cycling videos (Sufferfest, Spinervals, Epic Planet, 3LC) make the program even that much better.   Most of the time though, I don't watch anything, and just listen to some awesome music! (Velobeats, 8 Track or any of your favorites)!

Here is what I can tell you.   If you are going to ride indoors in the winter, or heck any time of the year, you should be using this program.   Sure, if you already have a Computrainer and ERG videos available to you, then you may not need this.   But if you only have a Computrainer, you can still link up to TrainerRoad for the workouts.

Using TrainerRoad makes your workouts significantly more structured, effective and overall, a lot more fun (if you can call suffering on your bike fun!!!).   Either way, the time will go by much faster using the TrainerRoad software instead of just pedaling along on your own attempting to get a workout done.

As for the results, there is not one person out there that can't say they have improved, using TrainerRoad.   Most of the feedback I see is people saying they have improved A LOT!!!

Personally, I know that I have.   My first FTP test that I did using the software resulted in an FTP (Functional Threshold Power) of 279 back in November 2011.   Fast forward a little over two years, and about 160 workouts later, my latest FTP test using the Sufferfest video Rubber Glove while doing the 2014 version of the Tour of Sufferlandria provided me with a new value of 310.   Given I started at a pretty high level to begin with, that is a pretty good improvement and I am quite happy with it!

I contacted TrainerRoad to see if I could be an ambassador for their program and they said yes.    As a result, I have some sweet promo codes I can distribute that will get you one month free (a $10 value) of TrainerRoad access.   NOTE, this is only for new members that have not yet created an account with TrainerRoad.   Just drop me a line if you want to try this out and I can pass one along.

If you haven't tried it yet, you should!!  I guarantee you won't regret it....unless you DON'T want to get stronger and faster on your bike this year!