Wednesday, September 1, 2010

State of TT bikes

Can you imagine what people would have thought if they saw a bike like this back in the 1980's?   Probably the same thing we think of when we see bikes from the 1980's.....WTF??

Very cool bike!!


  1. Luke,

    Awesome race in Muskoka and great report! Very happy to see you earn your spot in Clearwater. You worked very hard for that so it's time to enjoy the rewards.
    Good luck Saturday!

  2. Thanks Larry. It was a good day, at least until half way through the run. If I could go back and train differently, I think I would have done some longer training runs to better prepare for the 21K off this course. I did nothing longer than 18, which I think was a mistake. Live and learn! Clearwater is going to be all about the run, since the bike is pretty much a joke. I really want to try to do a 1:30 half down there.

    Good luck in the Lakeside Oly!!