Monday, November 1, 2010

2 weeks till Clearwater

I must say that it has been a lot harder to get the rides in this fall, compared to last.  Last October I think I had 12 or 13 rides to work, plus about 4 or 5 in November.   With the cold temperatures and strong winds, I've elected to sit on my trainer more than ride outside.   That's not such a bad thing when I look back on it though.   A 90 minute session on the trainer is like a 2 hour ride outside.   This past weekend, I did a Spinerval session in my garage.   I think it was #14 or something.   A 90 minute time trial interval session.   I was dripping with sweat in the end, but it felt great.   No fan, just the cooler outdoor temps to keep me from being a total soggy mess.

I've had some very nice runs leading up to my Clearwater race as well.   Last weekend, I did an official half marathon run (21.1K) in heavy trainers (Saucony Triumph 6's), my Nathan Speed belt, and on a somewhat hilly and windy course in 1:28:04.   As that turns out, that is the fastest half marathon time I have ever done (even in a race).   I'm sure I am at a point now where I could go sub 1:25 with the right race week preparation and shoes.   So my Clearwater half marathon time of 1:30 seems to be realistic.   I hear it is hot there now, so it would be good if the temps cooled down a bit.
I also just picked up a disc wheel for my bike.   It is a Renn 575, that was quite affordable.   Because of that, I elected to get some custom graphics for it.   It's getting done now and should be finished tomorrow.    Here is a sneak peak of the design.   When it's finished, I'll get a pic up with it on my bike.

The swimming is coming along well too.   I'm happy with some of my times in workouts, so I really hope that can translate into a good time in the race.   I'm going to throw it out there and say I want to do about 31-32 minutes for the 1.9K in Clearwater.   This will really depend on the conditions in the race and if I can find some nice quick feet.  

Only a few more "quick" workouts before I start to wind it down.  We (the whole family) will be flying out of Buffalo next Wednesday.   I'm excited, and can't wait to get there.   It's starting to get awfully cold up here in Canada!!

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