Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Product Review - Tommie Copper Compression Sleeves

I first heard of Tommie Copper through a mutual friend at my gym.   Lucky for me, this was right around the time I started having pain in my left knee after doing the Around the Bay 30K road race.   I was doing the Boston marathon three weeks later, so I was looking for something to get me back on track.

Even though the Tommie Copper compression gear can be worn during a workout to ward of fatigue or simply as an all day garment underneath clothing to aid in recovery, I was solely using it as a recovery tool.

At night time, I would ice my knee and then put the knee sleeve on and wear it to bed all night.

When it came time to run the Boston marathon, I did so with minimal pain in my left knee.   I'd like to think that the knee compression sleeve had a lot to do with that.   Below is a picture of the knee sleeve.

The other piece that I received from Tommie Copper were the calf compression sleeves.   Again, these can be used for either training or recovery, but I have typically used them as a recovery tool.   I am currently training for Ironman Austria, so I have been putting up some decent training miles in both biking and running.   I use the sleeves after all big workouts to help me recover as quickly as I can.   They seem to do a really good job at this.   The copper infused yarn used in the material is likely the secret to the quick heeling effects.

Below is a picture of the calf sleeve.

Overall, I found both pieces to be supportive to the muscles and not constricting to movement or circulation.  They are washable & very soft.  I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Their full line of products can be seen here
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  1. I ordered the knee sleve felt ok but made welts on the back of my leg not what I had expeted.Just a way to take advantage of those looking for help

  2. I recieved my shirt and gloves 2 days ago and the results where disappointing to say the least. Not that I was that surprised since I have tried numerous gadgets and gimmicks to try and relieve chronic influmation in my left shoulder and none of it has worked. I am really tired of spending good money trying to get a little relief and much needed sleep only to be ripped off once again by an overpaid celebrity. Neither the shirt or the gloves did anything.

  3. Again, If it sounds too good to be probably is!